WHAC (World Horseback Archery Championship)

The World Horseback Archery Championship was held in 2005 for the very first time. Since then, it has developed one of the most prestigious championships among the competitions held in several countries over the world.
Especially, not only realizing the most dignified human value, "meeting and friendship" , but also developing the outstanding competition which is officially  sponsored by UNESCO are the meaningful and encouraging incident.

The goal, we, any and all horseback archers, seek in the near future is creating a great myth based upon the efforts we have concentrated on.
We, horseback archers, would rather concentrate our efforts to build up the horseback archery as a living sports than argue each nation's legitimacy and we have to spread peace, charity and genuine love for humanity among nations thru the horse, as the vehicle of meaningful culture value.

Horseback Archery!
The revitalization of horseback archery that was only found in ancient fresco has been 30 years.
It has become one of the main sport activities enjoyed by many enthusiasts around the world.
If 21st century was an era of open competition through culture and economy, the world has to become one in the festivities containing culture and sports.
The horseback archery was the ancients' glory of the most brave warriors. We have to put our efforts together and register the horseback archery as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. I would like to be with all of you for this endeavor. There has been a long journey to discover such cultural heritage and this important discovery has to be handed down to generations to come.
This precious cultural heritage, our breath, must continue. The culture, at large, is a vital linkage in the flow from the past to the future, enabled by human effort. This human effort will continue as it is our foundation.
My dear friends from all over the world,
With one voice, the time has come to recognize the horseback archery as "cultural heritage of humanity"
The horseback archery competition recognized and supported by UNESCO is truly an important cultural heritage that we need to earn.
The World Horseback Archery Competition to be held in Korea is already 10th annual event. It is a fruitful result of efforts contributed by our fellow horseback archery enthusiasts. We are preparing this 10th event with our most effort.
It is with most honor to invite you to our 10th World Horseback Archery Competition.
Thank you.