Each of the countries in the world has the art of war to protect the race and the versatile horse riding culture still continues the stream. Horseback archery was reborn long time ago as a culture involving the horse and the human together and has been developing over a long period of time and as such is perceived as playing a role in formation of the nationality and view of life of the people of each country and is noted to contribute a lot to the peace and safety of the society by being widely used for various activities with peaceful purposes.

We have long been thinking that a central organization would be necessary to enhance fraternity between each of the countries, widely spread the sense of value on peace and justice that is regarded as the basic by the horseback archery to contribute to the ideology of the human to contribute to the peace of world and systematically develop international horseback archery competitions and believing that a body of union that would unify the world's communities of horseback archery to one would satisfy such necessity, we place the significance on developing a world cup horseback archery competition taking the 1st international horseback archery competition organized in 2005 in Sokcho as the foothold.