Federation Identity

The Horseback Archer's Charter

Horses have been constant companions of mankind, and archery is one of the oldest martial arts still practiced.

Ideal for hunting and warfare, horseback archery had been practiced extensively in different parts of the world. Historically, formidable armies of horseback archers have been an object of both awe and inspiration.

Horseback archery is a martial art, in which a mounted archer shoots an arrow at a target. The archer, his horse, and his skill shall form a trinity.

In present day society, horseback archery is a traditional sport enjoyed by all people everywhere. Therefore, in order to meet the needs to organize the sport and to properly preserve the ancient tradition of horseback archery, I hereby declare the Horseback Archer's Charter on October 16th, 2010.

First, we, horseback archers, shall preserve existent horseback archery traditions as they are handed down to us.

Second, we shall not discriminate on basis of sex, race, religion, or national origin. We shall promote world peace.

Third, for a better understanding and proper preservation of all horseback archery cultures in the world, we shall respect our peers, teachers, and different cultures.

Fourth, we shall actualize the spirit of this Charter by implementing institutional measures.

Fifth, as the heirs of ancient horseback archery traditions, we are responsible for properly preserving horseback archery and making it available for the future generations.


October 16th, 2010 World Horseback Archery Federation