WHAF center

Adress: World Hoseback Archery Federation
415, Jangsa-dong, Sokcho city, Gangwon-do, Korea.

Tel: +82-33-637-3400 / 3500, Fax :+82-33- 637-3401


Direction (Incheon to WHAF center in Sokcho city)

1. Take No.6020 airport limousine bus at 5A or 11B in 1st floor of Airport Terminal and stop off at the Gangnam Express Bus Terminal.

(50min./ every 20 to 25min./ 1st Bus: 05:25, Last Bus: 23:00/ Fare: 15,000 won)

2. Take Dongbu Express Bus at platform No. 17, Youngdong Line in Gangnam Express Bus Terminal.  It will drive you to Sokcho directly.

(2h30min./ every 30min./ 1st Bus 06:00, Last Bus: 23:30/ Fare: 18,100 won)

3. Take a taxi at the Sokcho Express Bus terminal to WHAF center.

(20min./ Fare: approx. 10,000 won)

* Incheon Airport Terminal

* Route Info. of  No. 6020 Airport limousine bus

* Boarding platform map of Gangnam Express Bus Terminal at Seoul