Horseback archery has been the part of ancient human culture as a tool to hunt as well as a way to fight on the battlefield. Riding a horse and shooting a bow has a long traditionally culture which can be revived and restored for it to be by our side as a cultural heritage.
This horseback archery championship can be a venue to build friendships and peace. In this global village, each nation has its unique culture that has traditionally been passed on. This event can be a festival for people all around the world to enjoy with others, horses and racing on top of dynamic skills. I believe this championship does not only preserve lost traditional culture, but it can be a new door for people all over the world to participate. In addition, this can be the start of our future human culture.
The ideology of the World horseback Federation is to put effort in to recreate the culture that was once the highlight of each person's life. The World Horseback Archery Federation welcomes everyone who is anyone, regardless of their religion, race, or political aspects. There are already 10 other countries that are hosting horseback archery. As this situation goes on further, it can be the legacy for our precious cultural heritage to come back into our hearts.
Therefore, this is what should be done. As this is a very precious moral gift for our descendants. I hope for our next generation can find new ways to preserve and promote the horseback archery culture. Also, I wish for many people to enjoy what was lost and hopefully lead them to opening a new chapter for development. We will do our very best to continue to make an atmosphere in which people are comfortable with to make friendships and peace.